B.L.O. Shopping Center

Marghera (Venice) – Romea State Road, at the corner of Via Arduino

The consulting activity by C.S. Azienda started in 2006 and succeeded in obtaining the first license for the shopping center in 2007, which houses 28 retails on a 7,972 sq. m. sale area. After that, C.S. was involved in the submission of the application for the E.I.A. (Environmental Impact Assessment) verification process license and coordinated a working team of experts engaged in reaching the final complicated goal of submitting a survey analyzing all the possible effects of the project on the environment ― including  sustainability of induced traffic (basin surveys and relative study on vehicular increase, project’s inclusion of any request laid down by the bodies operating within road network modifications), related sustainability of local flora and fauna, estimated energy requirements and consequent polluting emissions, proposals to cut down consumption and to benefit from renewable resources, hydraulic compatibility assessment and verification of sound impact effects. In 2008 the Province of Venice issued the statement of environmental compatibility, upon acceptance of specific provisions.
After making the sale area of 15,000 sq. m. a successful ordeal, B.L.O. now owns a license to trade on 21,059 sq. m. As C.S. expected, the heavy restrictions set forth by the region on the quota allowed to the large-sized sale complexes, definitely complicated negotiations which ended up on a step-by-step one-way direction, further slowed down recently by Regional Law 30 of 24/12/2011.
The final goal of a 25,000 sq. m. sale area is pretty close now, and might be expected to be reached in mid 2013, with the shopping center opening taking place in autumn of that very year. At the moment C.S. Azienda is also taking care of obtaining the license for food and beverage preparation for the point of sales that will be housed within the shopping center.


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