San Donà di Piave (Venice) – Via Unità d’Italia

Commissioned by ALTER Srl (company in charge of the management and coordination activities carried out by Unicomm Group SpA) C.S. Azienda managed the administrative procedures to obtain the license for a medium- and large-sized sale complex of 2,500 sq. m., and was also commissioned with obtaining the license for a news-stand and for a public establishment.
The assignment started in January 2011 with the submission of a relocation petition to the interested area, an expansion of the sale area to 600 sq. m. and the modification of the marketing sector, which was accepted the following month. C.S. Azienda’s works moved on in concert and coordination with the building’s planners: in September 2011 the expansion of the sale area to 2,500 sq. m. was applied for, and then authorized in December. The building is currently under construction and activity stoppage has been notified.
As soon as time allows, C.S. Azienda will take care of applying for the authorization to open a point of sale for food and beverage preparation, in relation to which competent authorities cannot go ahead yet and check the hygienic-sanitary and safety requirements. Right before the opening, whose date has not been identified yet, C.S. Azienda will supply the necessary papers to open a news-stand.        

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