Redevelopment of former Standa shop (Mestre)

C.S. Azienda assisted CEREP Poseidon A7 Sas (Carlyle Group) in redeveloping the former Mestre-located Standa complex into two-floor commercial settlements featuring a gross surface area of about 3,600 residential sq. m. on the upper floors, and a garage underground.
The administration consulting service provided by C.S. Azienda started out in 2007, with a first step towards the issuance of the license for a medium-sized sale complex of 1,000 sq. m ., and then of a second license for the same surface. C.S. Azienda assisted the development of the initiative step by step, in concert with the planners who submitted several building proposals before coming to the final plan. In 2011 C.S. Azienda applied for switching the marketing sector license from food to mixed purposes in relation to the unit on the ground floor where a Simply sale point has been operating since autumn 2010. The brand which will be housed in the medium-sized sale complex on the first floor has not been identified yet.

(Provided by Saico Ingegneria)

C.S. Azienda also assisted and provided consulting to the Group for the redevelopment of Trieste-located Palazzo Tergesteo building, and succeeded in obtaining the licenses for medium-sized sale complexes and for points of sale for food and beverage preparation.


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